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Compass Process Servers has been serving the legal support needs of the legal industry since 2008. Compass Process Servers is your go to process server for all your needs in Texas and nationwide. Beginning as a sole practitioner, we have grown to a statewide and nationwide serving company. We use the latest in computer technology to keep you in the loop every step of the way. With automated email status updates; to your own page listing all current or completed jobs. Service documents, affidavits and invoices, along with all server comments are stored on the site for your access, and can be downloaded and printed as needed.

In the years since our beginning, we have expanded to the entire Dallas-Fort Worth area, Austin, Greater Houston - Galveston , El Paso, San Antonio, Midland, Tyler. During these years we have also developed a network of servers covering all of Texas, including the rural area and the entire nation and U.S. Territories.

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Serving court documents can be difficult-you need to find an impartial process server to track down and deliver the papers to the specified party. Compass Process Servers makes it easy for you.

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